People who work with me.


Wei He

PhD 2022, Stanford University

Wei joined us in April 2022 and is working on quantum magnetism.


Jennifer Sears

PhD 2017, University of Toronto

Jennifer joined us in September 2020 and is working on charge density waves and ultrafast manipulations of magnetism and electronic orbitals with time-resolved RIXS. Jennifer was promoted to a staff position within the Neutron Scattering Group at Brookhaven in March 2024.


Yao Shen

PhD 2019, Fudan University

Yao started in August 2019 and worked on studying topological excitations in magnetic and phononic systems with RIXS and IXS. Yao is now a staff scientist at the Insitute of Physics in Beijing.


Danniel Mazzone

PhD 2017, ETH Zurich

Daniel leads our work on ultrafast dynamics and non-equilibrium states, focusing on complex oxides. He is part of the team developing time-resolved RIXS reviewed here. Daniel recently accepted a staff scientist position at the Paul Scherrer Institut.


Hu Miao

PhD 2015, Chinese Academy of Science

Hu Miao’s main research area is charge density waves in copper-oxide superconductors. He made the first observation of precursor CDW correlations with RIXS, temperature induced changes in the CDW wavevector, and doping independent CDW correlations. He also had the very inventive idea of studying topological effects in phonon band structures resulting in the measurement of double Weyl phonons and phonon nodal line structures.

Miao is now a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Derek Meyers

PhD 2015, University of Arkansas

Derek lead the group’s research on iridate-titanate heterostructures. He developed new approaches to measure magnon dispersion and electron phonon coupling in these systems. He also worked on ultrafast RIXS and a breakthrough study about the how these systems couple to applied magnetic field. This is part of a very successful collaboration with Jian Liu’s group at the University of Tennessee.

Derek is now an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at Oklahoma State University. You can see his website here.


Gilberto Fabbris

PhD 2014, Washington University

Gilberto worked on nickelate heterostructures during his time in the group. Some notable results include direct measurements of how heterostructuring modifies orbitals, dispersive magnons and magnetic helix states.

Gilberto was promoted to a staff scientist position at Argonne National Laboratory in 2017 where he leads efforts to develop a high-pressure x-ray spectroscopy and diffraction program.