Mark P. M. Dean

Brookhaven National Laboratory


Office 211,

Building 734

Upton, NY 11973

I lead the resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) program in the Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory. My research focuses on quantum materials, including high temperature superconductors, strongly spin-orbit coupled materials, complex oxide heterostructures, non-equilibrium states and topology in crystalline materials.


Jun 14, 2024 Mark will give a talk at the Ultrafast Dynamics and Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics conference in Crete.
Jun 13, 2024 Jack’s paper reporting the first ultrafast x-ray pair distribution function is out in Nature Materials.
May 28, 2024 Our work on nickealtes has been featured by DOE!
May 21, 2024 Mark is giving a talk at the Methods for modeling transport and dynamics of quantum magnets workshop at Los Alamos on May 29th.
May 14, 2024 Former group member Daniel Mazzone has won the Thirtheenth Erwin Félix Lewy Bertaut Prize. Congrats Daniel!